Me and the Pac-man monster

I walked in the afternoon sun today, my chestnut hat rested partially on my head, sunglasses covered my small eyes, the shade was far but not too far. To me a meter of sun equals 4 meters. Multiply every sunny area by 4 and that’s how it is for me. Sun messes with my brain, it gives me headaches.

As I crossed the line of yellow and black, I thought about one of the wishes Jamie Sullivan had in the movie “A Walk to Remember”. She wished to be in two places at once. As I crossed the line which distinguished sun from the shade, for me too it was like being in two places at once. But my story has a twist, there is a high contrast between the two places. Like hell and heaven. Ok I might be exaggerating. Yes I am exaggerating. Umm well…it’s more like Daal and Biryani, or Samsung and iPhone or Voldemort and Harry (I am exaggerating again). Ok I understand that you got my point.

That burning lamp in the sky is essential, no arguments. It gives us vitamin D so that we can cook, exercise and poo without feeling tired. It kills bacteria which is currently lying in my stomach and I had to take the day off from work. The bacteria that can transfer from a contaminated food item unexposed to sunlight…umm I honestly have no knowledge of biology, so I don’t know if it’s bacteria that’s latching to my stomach lining, hence let’s move on.

To me, the sun feels like the Pac-man monster, ready to gobble me up, shake me in his tummy and vomit me out on the pavement. Clearly, we both share mutual distaste for one another.

As I roll out of his body, I pant heavily and try to stand up on my shaky legs, I trip, my head is spinning, everything around me feels like the time when in a movie the camera keeps panning to and fro and I have to close my eyes lest I go blind. Hence I close my eyes and pray for the nausea to evade.

I gather some strength and drag myself to the shade. My clothes are wet from Pac-man’s saliva and I stink too. As I stand there, I don’t look back at my enemy, but continue to move forward. My head is exploding like a thousand neurons competing for marathon, my eyes are burning. I take off my shades and the chestnut hat and let out a sigh of relief.

I have survived.


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