Copper roads, lost opportunities and regrets



The word echoed through the walls of the dimly lit room, a figure on the bed crunched into a position of prostration rocked to and fro. Her hands clutched tight into her soft skin leaving red marks around.

There is no greater loss in the world than wasting your time in your youth. She realized that and every day reminded herself of the time that was slipping by…smoothly.

The biggest trick of a human mind is believing one has enough time. Enough time to finish that book, write a story, make friends, take a stroll in the park, treat oneself to a nice meal, deserve a break. Even if we think about utilizing our time productively, it goes away as the pile of chores bury that one unimportant chore down.

As she stirred and lifted her body into a squat, her face burned with red streaks reaching her chin, hair disheveled, fright in eyes or was it regret?

It was the best story idea she had been working on, the adventures of a traveler who leaves his mark at different places in different ways. At one place he would paint a house for owners and gift it to them without asking for any money or would built a shoe for a bare feet child. He showed his kindness through various ways, never asked for any money or favors. He possessed one extremely peculiar quality that probably no one noticed. He left certain clues in those hand-crafted goods but they weren’t obvious. Those clues led to the house he built for 30 years, a house that had everything one could dream of, it looked like one of those lake houses you see in movies or expensive resorts in Malaysia. He was apparently Mr. Nobody but had achieved in his life all that a successful person manages to achieve before retiring. No one knew about him because he would never take any roles that put him in limelight, refuse promotions and stayed at the same level in different roles most of his carrier.

Through his clues, he wanted people to reach him so that he could show them all that he achieved in his life and yet how only traveling had kept him going. He was at the lowest in his life when he decided to go on a traveling spree. He never got married and had little if any friends. He had plenty, until he shed some of them because of obvious reasons that disqualified them from the category of friends. He wanted to show others the value of materialism that they long for and waste years chasing. What mattered more was humanity, listening to the stories of people from different backgrounds, understanding the reality and meaning of life through such instances and constantly pulling oneself out of comfort zone to experience life from a different perspective.

She had the story in her mind for so long, it was the curse of laziness that took away her golden opportunity. Her biggest blow was when a newbie author recently published a book titled, “Copper roads” and it was instantly popular among the working population. Surprisingly, the plot of the book was strikingly similar to what she had been planning. It was at that moment she broke down and regretted all those days of procrastination.

It was too late but it’s never late to start new. It was a powerful lesson that shook her and made her promise to get her priorities straight and utilize the free time and youth she has at her hands.

Tying her hair with a ribbon, she stood up, washed her face and grabbed a pen and a notebook.


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