Smell of March’s air nostalgia and a certain kind of sadness an unexplained sadness The whiff of bar b Que on grill from the neighbors house and the thoughts of losing before trying circling around me March’s message carved in the air: Even if you are lost, does not mean you can’t be found Hold… Read More March


Amidst the agitated show of life I sit alone by the tranquil waves I watch the gold component trickling down a blue cauldron Adding to it beauty, shine and substance The sun peek-a-boos through the golden-lined clouds And slowly resumes its job of being an Al-chemist As the bird nearby drinks from this elixir of… Read More Elixir

Break Free

Rising to gain redemption 
With a constant pull from below I want to leave this place
 To seek that which is serene
 This crowded stream of thoughts
 Brewing so deep inside
 I want to break free I want to break free


About times when four hours of Netflix isn’t enough. Ellen and Jimmy, go to and fro. YouTubers follow up after a munch of munchkin…on my bed. I—am the product of zombie world. Eyes staring in blackhole, sucking you away, temptation— Dancing on daft punk—trying to be harder, better, faster stronger. Trying, only trying. Wondering where’s… Read More Inglorious


Once Cinderella was found in vicinity of Eiffel tower with her prince husband. Savoring the beauty of the magnificent tower she exclaimed, It’s beautiful! It’s magical!” The prince couldn’t agree more. “But you know when I first saw you, I didn’t fall for you because of your beauty, I saw something in your eyes…innocence, sacrifice,… Read More Cinderella


You remember the day you said, I would rather be your mermaid than a human. I thought that was a compliment, you being the prince who would save the princess in distress.   Years later did I realize, you wanted me to swim not because I wanted to but because mermaids swam. You wanted me… Read More Mermaid