The Socially Awkward (Part 3)

chap 3

“Can I borrow your copy for a bit?” It was Samreen from her department, responsible for the proof reading part.

“Can you please photocopy it and return? This is the only copy I have right now,” Amira was cautious. At this instant she was regretting not photocopying the document.

“I just need to take a quick look and will return just now, I will photocopy it once you are done with the final part.” Samreen was persistent.

“Alright?” The look on Samreen’s face was of displeasure.

“Alright. Take it.”

Samreen roughly grabbed the papers and strolled out of the room. Amira was lost in thoughts.

Summers of year 2010, she was in her final semester, the first mid-term exam of subject Idea and Design Execution. was next day. As usual, she had expected some of her classfellows, especially Rida to ask for notes. Rida would occasionally miss classes and then make up through borrowing Amira’s notes. Amira was aware of irresponsible nature of her class fellow and hence always accompanied her to the photocopier.

“Can I borrow your design class notes Amira?”. Amira was completing her notes from previous class when Rida spotted her in the library. She always knew where to find her. Sometimes Amira thought as if she stalked her. If she was not able to find her, she would call her on her phone. Despite having tried to miss her calls, Rida was able to get hold of her in one way or the other.

“Yes, sure.” It was Amira’s usual response.

And she stood up to go with her. That’s when Rida said in a rapid tone.

“There’s no need for you to come.”

Amira was taken aback.

“I will just go get it photocopied and return it to you right here. I am peer studying with Sarmad in the library.”

Amira was hesitant but the awkward situation made her give up.

“Alright. I will be here.” she said sitting back down.

With an annoyed smirk on her face, Rida left.

10 minutes passed by and there was no sign of her. Amira tried to focus on her work but she felt too paranoid.

“Don’t trust Rida with your notes.” Amber had conspired to her one day. She was the only person Amira would talk to and vice versa.

“Why?”Amira had inquired.

“I think she doesn’t like you. I over-heard her talking about you with her group, she said some really negative stuff”

“Ok that’s enough. I don’t want to listen to this. A lot of people here don’t like me” Amira wasn’t in the mood to get second hand information and be forced to believe in it. It could be true, it could not be true. She didn’t want to get entangled in such a useless discussion.

“Your call.” Amber raised her shoulders in defeat and indifference.

But sitting in the library at this time, what Amber had said was haunting her. She tried to re-focus on her work.

20 minutes.

Ok after 10minutes I am definitely going to give her a call, she thought to herself.

After those restless minutes passed by, she picked up her phone and dialed Rida’s number. The phone was off.

What?! I can’t believe this.

She re-dialed. Off.

She decided to dial Sarmad’s number. It was engaged. She called again, engaged.

Frustrated she gathered her things and stormed out of the library.





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