Unfriended (2014)

Title: Unfriended

Year of release: 2014

Director: Leo Gabriadze

Lead cast: Heather SossamanMatthew BohrerCourtney HalversonShelley HennigMoses StormWill Peltz

Genre: Horror

Note: There are no spoilers in the post



Just like every other movie, I watched the trailer before hopping onto the real ride. The trailer was what grabbed my attention in the first place. In the age of social media, each one of us can relate to platforms like Skype, Facebook, Youtube etc. and what makes this movie unique is exactly the occurrence of these medias in a natural setting. The trailer shows how a mutual friend commits suicide due to a cyberbullying act and how revenge is sought for her through different social media platforms.

The director Leo Gabriadze did an amazingly fine job conveying the moral of the story for the audience. He uses the undeniable universal fear of death to show the gravity of the situation. The plot is well laid out, the story unfolds really well and you feel connected at all times. There is an element of suspense that crawls in from the very beginning till the end. The most commendable aspect is the natural setting, natural response structure, natural emotions, in fact everything is commonplace but in an interesting way.

Since the whole setting is a Skype group video call, you can witness the video call problems that each one of us faces in real life too, the way we multi-task in between a conversation, and the urge to keep up with a close friend in a private chat simultaneously etc.

The dialogues and characterization is so nonchalant that at times you feel as if you are not watching a movie rather witnessing a first hand situation.

The sound-track is great. There is no extravagancy in sound and lightening to intensify (read over-intensify) the level of suspense.

I, as a viewer can definitely relate to the story as bullying is a common phenomenon among youth, not just in a specific country but all over the world. A lot of us take it lightly and joke around, expecting the victim to take it easy while unaware of it’s deadly consequences.

If you are the kind of person who is immune to horror, this one might not make you jump, get scared or run away from the room. Even a person who plucks off easily by horror can watch this movie alone.

The end part carries loads of lessons pertaining specifically to the element of friendship. I wish I could write about it but I won’t as it would be considered a spolier.

I recommend this film. Watch it, learn from it, and apply it in real life 🙂

It’s late to say so, but the movie is not fit for watching in the cinema as the demographics are not well-suited for the big-screen. Watch is on your PC, laptop for a natural feel.

Happy watching!


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