Clouds want some privacy

The clouds in the sky are angry at the light, light chimes in, “You think this is your territory? It belongs to everyone of us!”

“No I don’t think so but I just want some privacy when I have to pee,” said the daddy cloud irritably.

“There’s no privacy when everyone is living together, just go ahead and pee, no one’s gonna look at you.”

Clouds were not satisfied, after all no one had to go through the same situation as them. The lightening would dance around occasionally and that was the worst part because each time there was a spark, clouds felt exposed.

If it was during the day time, the clouds would shield the sun, if at night, the moon and stars gazed at them shamelessly.

Uh I can’t hold in anymore! The daddy cloud thought.

“Mommy mommy, I wanna pee!,” said the little one on the right.

“Look away everyone! Have some respect for us!,” screamed the mommy cloud.

The moon, stars and lightening looked away. That’s when everything went dark, screams could be heard from the clouds crowd.

“Mommy mommy I am scared!” said the baby cloud.

Daddy cloud couldn’t see where he was peeing and how many of them had to pee, he couldn’t monitor anything without the light.

Just now someone had loosened the tap and daddy cloud was in panic.

“Who is it? We cannot do it in dark! It will ruin the dwellings down on earth, they need to know we are going to loosen up so they can run to their houses and find some shelter or else our pee will fall on them. For that we need the lightening to remind them and the moon and stars to make us visible so humans can know we are ready.”

Daddy cloud apologized to his fellow sky mates and asked them to return. He needed them, they had to live in harmony, that’s how things would work.




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