As she cried.

For all the shattered souls out there.

My valiant soul


As the hushednight made its way,in the deep morbid starry night..she was sitting in her room,all lost..thinking the most heinous acts acted on her.she managed to gaze the almighty moon..the twinkling of stars from a distance and this all began when everyone laidasleep in the midnight.

She couldnโ€™t sleep that peacefully for sure like everyone else did.What was so troubling to her?The dreary thoughts have made her exploited.The abominable night has made her dulcet beauty go arcane.She managed to go silently by the window and drift the curtains apart and now those eyes watched the shimmering stars closely,what was she pondering on?She took the strand of her hair and twirled it now as she looked out of her chained window.hmmโ€ฆthe ruthless society has made her go all insipid.She wonders now,is anyone going to be a part of her shallow heart?She is crying now..tears slowly rolling down from her beautiful yetโ€ฆ

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