Daily Prompt: Sep 1

A Writer's Resolution

You burnt yourself, describe the experience.


So I chose this prompt because I burnt myself two hours ago and I am typing with one hand. Here’s what happened:

There were two pots on stove, I was taking some meat stock from the one at the back and adding it to the one on front.

The pot on the front had gravy cooking at high temperature. So I dug my right hand into the pot at the back and got some stock in the spoon and at the same time with my left hand I opened the lid of the pot on the front.

Suddenly the dragon from Shrek lurked out and unleashed a ball of steam on my arm.

“Argghhhhhhhhhh,” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“I told you not to disturb me when I am resting! Grrrrrrrr,” she snarled.


I watched the monster disappear into its den. “What the hell?”…

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