A cat named Caterpillar

A Writer's Resolution


“Hello little Goldie, how’s you doin’?,” Rottie the parrot waved at Mr. Fred’s pet fish Goldie as he flew across the open window, landing on the sill for a while.

“I am doing fine, thank you Rottie, what about you?,” she inquired circling around the round glass jar, the bubbles of her words trailing towards the surface.

“Ah good good. It’s been a hot sunny day innit? Oh sorry you wouldn’t know,” he chuckled.

Goldie let out an uncomfortable snort.

“Well off I go, see you laters!,” waving goodbye, Rottie flew out.

“Bye,” uttered Goldie quietly.

In the garden of St. Marcus’s park a cat was growling loudly.”You better get out of my way you slimy skunky little fella. Ugh.”Catkins, a British shorthair was apparently mad at a caterpillar who was crawling by too close to her.

“Calm down young lady, I am just passing by,” said the caterpillar defensively.

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