I know more than you, you git!

I am just going to plainly jot down my thoughts because honestly right now I cannot convert my bubbling thoughts into a poem, prose, rant or anything else. So I am just going to go “free style.”

Too much information to consume and hence too many negative comments, positive too, something visible, sometimes hidden.  No tolerance among one another, just assumptions, feeding on lies of media, not understanding the root cause. Trump striking the chords that are too simple to understand by everyone. Immigration problem, build a wall. As if building a wall can solve all problems, the complexities that involve at a border are not as simple as building a wall. Banning Muslims to cut down terrorism problems. America has serious gun problems that need to be solved, what’s the solution? Ban Muslims. Trump follows shortcut version where all he can say is “Make America great again” when he runs out of specifics, if he had any in the first place.

I wish I would stop visiting his twitter or read about news one after the other and consume all that disturbing plethora of hatred, assumptions, generalization, stereotyping, lies and too many emotions to be handled at one time.

There are thousands of people commenting on terrorism right now, each presenting their limited understanding, thinking of themselves as all-knowing and being judgemental of others and calling them liars. No one is perfect, no one has a complete understanding of issues. The way foolproof statements are being made is causing more problems at individual level.

There are more fights on social media than in real life, curse words, personal retorts, name calling, among other things are commonly found in comments section.

People are blindly following leaders and leader are successfully infiltrating minds of masses. The truth just stands aside and celebrates it’s social expulsion once again.

I don’t know what to do or say further or that what is the solution of all these problems. This is too much to take for a common man and especially if you are a Muslim your responsibility is doubled because who cares, lets just sideline Muslims and call them names and spew our hatred towards them because you know 0.00001% of them are hurting us and do you know the funny part? They are hurting the rest 98% of the Muslim world, bombing their countries, killing their children….how can you put both of these types together? And not to forget  who cultivated them, who grew them in their backyards but let’s just come out clean because no one cares about the truth as long as they have something to amuse about.

Let’s just type in a few more comments, lash out on that Muslim or a non-muslim, call people kaafir, create divisions, consider ourselves holier than thou….

I am perfect, I am complete—you are wrong, you are stupid. Ok. Bye now.


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