The horrible fire incidence

It is a routine Monday morning, I leave my house at 7:50 a.m. for work and reach the office by 8:00 a.m. Every one is busy with their morning coffee and emails. I began checking my emails too. After a while, I browse through headlines of a newspaper. The day is going by slowly, just like the stagnant wind outside and the sharp rays of sun melting into the skin of passerbys.

It is about 10:20 a.m. when suddenly the whole building starts screaming fire alarms.

“An emergency has been reported. Please move to your nearest exit. Do not take the elevators.”

My colleagues stand up, stretch and casually move towards the emergency staircase. As I enter a pack of people going down the stairs, a huge commotion can be heard from the bottom. Within moments, we are bombarded with black smoke and we can see flames rising just few feet away from where we are standing.

Some of us rush back  in while others start climbing up towards the roof. There is panic on every face and screams can be heard all around.  I among a few others ascend the stairs, almost bumping and pushing one another. As we reach the top, the fire has almost mounted the roof’s exit door. There’s an adjacent wall which we can use to jump onto the roof of  the next building, however the distance between both buildings is hard to cover. Another way is to climb down the wall. The left side of our building is covered in black soot and I can see flames rising at the bottom, however the right side is fairly clear. I decide to take my chances as the building is only 3 floors and there’s window sills on each floor within a few feet of each other. I hoist myself up along the wall but with a sudden jerk I am dragged back on the ground. To my horror it’s one of my colleagues and he is trying to climb up instead.

“What the hell is wrong with you!,” I shout.

His face looks miserable, like of a crazy person. He gives me a quick dreadful look and jumps. I gasp and quickly get up to take a look at him. As soon as I stare down the wall he jumped from, I hear screams and witness his body tumbling down, his legs and arms frantically moving around and then….. I hear a thud. I close my eyes and swallow hard. Others around me are panting and looking down in horror.

I cannot register if it was a suicide or an act of foolishness.

The flames at the door began eating the walls around, we have to hurry. I convey a word of caution to others and climb down the wall carefully, they follow me. In a few minutes we are safely on the ground. As we stand at a distance, we see a scene of wreckage. Most part of the building is black and covered in flames. There’s glass shattered on the ground and some broken and burnt pieces of wood are scattered on the floor.

Sirens of ambulance and fire brigade can be heard at a distance. Injured are being taken care of, there’s shock and disbelief on every face, we can hear cries and shouts around us. I cannot believe this is happening. It’s the most horrifying scene in my life.


I wake up with a jerk, there’s sweat on my forehead, my throat is dry. I take a few sips from the water bottle on my bed side table, switch on the lamp and contemplate on the nightmare I just had. There’s no better feeling than realizing that the terrible dream you just had wasn’t real. And there’s no worse feeling knowing that it has the possibility to come true as well. I try to jerk the dream off my mind and roll back to sleep.

I wake up at 7:00 a.m. prepare my breakfast and head to the office.  As I enter the building, a sudden episode of déjà vu strikes me. Last night’s dream comes flashing before my eyes. My jaw drops and I feel scared.

In my heart I make a quick prayer of safety and protection. It is believed that the dreams that are clear like reality are likely to come true, or those that you interpret yourself and share with others. I vow not to look up it’s meaning over the internet and keep my mouth sealed.

There’s smell of coffee and sound of mouse clicking. I take my seat and go through my emails. After about an hour, I decide to walk around to allow my eyes some rest. As I walk past the cubicles of my colleagues, to my horror I hear something ringing in my ears. It’s loud, just like a fire alarm and then I hear the words I have been dreading the most:

“An emergency has been reported. Please move to your nearest exit. Do not take the elevators.”

My heart is racing wildly, I don’t know what to do. I want to shout out loud and inform everyone to exit the building as quickly as possible but I feel like my legs have frozen in their place and I can’t move anymore. I start screaming helplessly and some people start gathering around me horrified, others stop in their tracks. I am shouting, “Exit, please exit the building quick!” People think I have gone mad, a girl is trying to lift me up on my feet. I see Mrs Dina, the woman who is supervisor of our building, quickly walking towards me, a serious expression on her face. “What are you doing?” she demands.

“Get every one out, please right now! The building is on fire.”

“No sweetheart, it’s not on fire, it’s just like every other alarm in the past, you just have to exit the building calmly.”

“No please listen to me! I had a dream! Please get out right this instant,” I am crying.

She opens her mouth to say something and before the words escape her lips we hear screams around us and a loud explosion. The glass walls at the corner of sitting area have blown up and shreds of glass is flying all around us. Smoke and flame is entering the building like a wild tornado.

Everyone is screaming and running around. I get up on my feet and run towards the stairs, I am climbing up, just like in my dream.


I wake up with a jolt, there’s sweat on my forehead, my heart is racing.


The thought freaked me out and it took quite a while to register. I couldn’t sleep after that.

I open my eyes to the sound of alarm, swipe my phone screen and stretch my arms, like a zombie I walk towards the bathroom, my pajamas stuck halfway on my knee, as I am  brushing my teeth I think of the dream I had within a dream. HOW WEIRD! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!

I pause and look at my reflection in the mirror. What if this time it really happens? Should I skip work? Not because I care only about myself but because my presence might make the dream come true.

It’s 8 a.m. I have reached my building, I shouldn’t have come, I shouldn’t have come. Hesitantly I open the door and a wave of déjà vu strikes me again, I swallow hard and pray intently that my dream never comes true . I walk around and examine the building, faces of people working, some chatting casually, smell of morning coffee and keyboards clicking.

I greet my colleagues and log onto my computer.

I know the nightmare is going to be on my mind all day. I am about 90% sure something would happen and this thought is scaring the hell out of me. How do I caution someone when nothing has happened yet?

The day is passing by, everyone’s busy and then there’s lunch break. I munch down on a savory margarita pizza in lunch and walk back to my office. I haven’t forgotten the dream and am glad nothing has happened so far. I attend a meeting at 4p.m and after an hour pack up my things to leave. I am exiting the building when the thought of dream crosses my mind yet again. I am smiling, a smile of relief. Thanking God I drive back home.


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