Holy sin!

I lick at the paper notes on my desk

and the cap of the pen I put in my ear

On the white board’s duster I scratched my claws,

and the thumb pins I pierced into my forehead.


With the scissors I cut my eyebrow,

the tissue box I balanced on my head

The moon wallpaper on my screen

reminded me of Ramadan that’s ahead


The colored paper pins on my desk

are to keep my mouth in check

the white board when I will erase

will hope for my sins be wiped away


The ruler/scale will weigh

the curses, backbites and hatred I spew

My face will peek through the computer screen

and remind me of my dehydrated deeds


And the eye drops I use to fake cry

sorry keep my eyes friction free

will sting my eyes to shed tears

and let go of guilts and fears


In this holy month

My soul will shake my body violently

till all the stolen coins burst out of my pockets

and fall on the ground heads and tails


I will draw a circle around me

and sit in the middle

every time an ant crawls in

I will let it nibble at my rotten skin


Brown kites, yellow horses and green pandas

might exist in the pits of my imagination

I will pull them out and drop in the pensive

and fall down the memory lane


Tumbling, fumbling,rumbling

I will reach the place of peace

through self-reflection and God’s love

kindness will set me free!



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