Take the keys


“Hey babe, I am going out with a friend for an hour, I am gonna leave the keys at home, you lock the door,” said the husband to his wife.

“Umm…no just take the key with you, I might get busy upstairs,” said wife.

This one change of decision was going to change the course of the day for both of them.

“Alright,” said husband, grabbing the keys and throwing them in air.

“See ya. Bye.”

Wife busied herself with dishes. After about an hour, she started climbing the stairs. She was almost in the middle when her legs lost control and her body recoiled backwards hitting her head on the stairs and rolled down towards the bottom. She was unconscious.

Just a few minutes later, her husband entered the house.

“I am back!”

He came walking in, took off his shoes and walked towards the stairs. He gasped.

Instantly he called the ambulance and the wife was taken to the hospital. Doctors performed surgery which was successful and informed the husband that if there was a 10minutes delay in bringing her to the hospital, his wife would have lost her memory.

Moral of the story: Always take the keys. Prepare for all times.


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