Share Your World–Week 20

Taking my first step towards sharing my world, from Cee Nuener’s blog.


When do you feel most connected with others?

When someone can talk beyond the defined cultural and religious norms and challenge them.

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?

Me to me: One writing post every day. Okay? Okay?

Next day

Me to me: Where’s the post?


STFU, today!

Okay….Sure…got it.

What one mini-little-adventure would you like to have in the coming week?

Watch a drone race, enter a free raffle and win a mini quadcopter!

List of things or events that changed your Life: It could be as simple as a book or meeting a certain person?

  • My job
  • Sushi
  • My praaaacious fraaaaaand Hira Amjad

I am a pretty private person, so answering these questions kinda made me feel uncomfortable. But I guess I will probably get used to it…?


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