Great Words From Yousef Erakat

How on point!

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This is by far the best thing I’ve read in a very, very long time! Great words, indeed!

“Dear everyone who has ever chased a dream. Nowadays, people get enjoyment out of seeing you fail. They don’t want you to succeed. Their entertainment is at the cost of your demise. They will scrutinize, analyze and critique your every move and mistake but will turn their heads at your accomplishments out of jealousy. They will be quick to tell you that you aren’t going to last. How you don’t have it anymore. How you are never going to make it. But why? You are a reflection of what they are never going to be. You are everything that they want to see in the mirror. You are their nightmare. Instead of trying to help you with support and encouragement, they offer nothing but hate and negativity. They are the poison to…

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