Once Cinderella was found in vicinity of Eiffel tower with her prince husband. Savoring the beauty of the magnificent tower she exclaimed, It’s beautiful! It’s magical!”

The prince couldn’t agree more.

“But you know when I first saw you, I didn’t fall for you because of your beauty, I saw something in your eyes…innocence, sacrifice, love, hurt…I saw all of that and I knew if someone had such a pure heart, it would be most befitting a wife for me who has to one day look after a whole kingdom. Physical beauty is an added bonus but what’s inside counts more. We are here at the Eiffel tower, admiring it’s beauty but imagine being here with some one you don’t like, some one with a bad heart, would you still enjoy it’s beauty? You’ll not. That’s why inner is more important than the outer.”

Cinderella hugged him.


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