You remember the day you said,

I would rather be your mermaid than

a human. I thought that was a compliment,

you being the prince who would save

the princess in distress.


Years later did I realize, you wanted me

to swim not because I wanted to but

because mermaids swam. You wanted me to keep

longer hair, because princesses kept long hair.

But I hated long hair.


You wanted to hear me sing a song,

that would send ripples down your body.

Lyrics that would make my body

yours. But I only wanted to sing,

a simple few lines with no cords attached.


I realize why you wanted me to be your mermaid. A mermaid

is fooled to believe her desires can be fetched till

her lower body is paralyzed by princes disguised

as Ursulas, under those caring kind smiles, soft

touches and blue eyes.


Note: This poem is a challenge between a talented pal and me just to keep our pen tips ink filled. My prompt was Care, hollow, mermaid. I chose the latter 😀

Do check her amazing blog here.





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