Housebound (2014) – Review

Title: Housebound

Year of release: 2014

Director: Gerard Johnstone

Lead cast: Morgana O’ReillyRima Te WiataGlen-Paul WaruRoss HarperCameron RhodesRyan Lampp

Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Comedy

Note: There are no spoilers in the post


One word before I start with the review.




and Oh yes, let me add my rating too.


The movie starts with a theft case involving Kylie Bukhnell played by Morgana O’Reilly-the lead character. The theft leads to house arrest at her Mother Miriam’s (Rima Te Wiata) place where she grew up but eventually left as a result of personal clashes with her family.

To Kylie this house arrest is a torture and hence her attitude reflects her irritation and unwillingness to stay in the house. Soon things begin to get interesting for Kylie as she discovers through her mother that the house might be haunted. It is until strange disturbances take place at the house that she begins to take interest in the mystery behind them.

After a haunting discovery of a girl from previous owners murdered in her bedroom, Kylie along with the security officer, Amos (Glen-Paul Waru) who is in charge of her, pursues the case to solve it.

As part of her arrest, she has to undergo therapy sessions with a psychologist, Dennis (Cameron Rhodes) who thinks Kylie’s reckless behavior is due to her unwillingness to stay in the house and hence these disturbances are just an excuse to diverge from reality.

Is Kylie delusional? Or is there really a ghost or a stranded spirit in the house?

This low budget movie is not just mysterious but also contains light moodiness to keep the reader from falling off the couch. One thing I can assure you is that you will love Kylie’s character. I wonder if Morgan will appear in any more movies in future as her performance in Housebound was definitely remarkable.

The set, lightening, sound effects are satisfactory and emanate feelings of horror and suspense for the viewer.

This movie is an obvious recommendation. I have watched it twice, once with my sister and once alone. Any movie that I watch more than once automatically adds to my favorite’s list.

Grab some noodles (in my case), or whatever you prefer and happy watching!




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