The Socially Awkward (Last part)

chap 7

After collecting proof of Samreen’s theft Amira was waiting for the right time to expose the culprit of the department. It was a relief that Samreen didn’t just have a problem with the socially-awkward her but also other colleagues. It was a relief because she never intended to be an object of bullying for being different.

She packed her things for the day and left the office. She had to think overnight to come up with a plan.

The next morning as soon as Amira reached the office, she was told by Kamal’s assistant to see him in his office urgently.

Damn. What’s going on!

Trying to stay calm she knocked at the door and entered.

Kamal was sitting on his desk, his eyes bloodshot, his expressions grim. He motioned towards her to take a seat and stood up to join her in the sitting area.

“How are things going with you Amira?” he asked. His tone didn’t show any signs of anger or discouragement, Amira took a deep breath and said that she was doing well.

“Amira as you know the situation of the office right now. I am shocked and disappointed by these theft cases. I got to know from another person that you had lost your draft and were inquiring your colleagues about it. Is it true?”

Amira’s heart skipped a beat. Oh here it comes!

“Yes. I lost them but I managed to find them.”

“Do you think someone stole them or was it a mistake on your part?” he inquired.

It was at this moment that she decided to tell him everything. After all she didn’t go to him, he had called her.

You don’t have to feel bad about it Amira, just tell him the truth.

And then she narrated the whole thing  to him.

Kamal’s expressions changed throughout from curiosity to shock to relief.

“Thank you Amira! You were of great help!” he said in a soft tone. “And yes, this conversation will remain between us so don’t worry.”

He signaled that she could leave now.

“By the way, I am surprised that you managed to carry out the meeting with Murad without your draft. That was incredible. You are a talented person, keep it up.” he smiled for the first time during the conversation.

Amira smiled back, her cheeks blushing.

When she came back to her desk, it felt as if a huge burden was lifted off her chest. Hence, she managed to work throughout the day with a good level of focus. However, before leaving for home, she saw Samreen go in Kamal’s office. It was past off-time and most of the staff had left already. Packing her things, she left the office.

The next day Samreen was no where to be seen. Her desk was already emptied.

Is she fired?!

Amira advanced towards her colleagues cubicles to catch any gossip if was happening. All she could catch was Gohar asking Nabeel if the culprit had been found. Nabeel only stared at Samreen’s desk in disbelief and shook his head.

So it was really her?! Amira thought.

After that day Amira Sarwar didn’t have to be cautious about her notes and drafts. She could freely roam around office, attend lunches and not be in a constant state of worry.


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