I once had the most expensive shades


Youth Club Blog

By Saira Tabassum

I tell people that I am not the brand-conscious type,

I can wear anything as long as it’s comfortable.

“But branded stuff is more durable”, they would say.

“I agree. I also once had the most expensive shades.”

“Really, which ones?” They would ask.

“People don’t know about that brand.

It’s not po-POLO-ar here.”

“Was it from Mars?”

They were clearly irritated out of eagerness.

That shade was the most DIOR-able, most trustable, an immaculate fit.

I could even see the world beyond the frequency range of us humans.

It was REVO-lutionary.

“You bonkers?” they all chimed in.

“No,” I said sternly. “It’s the truth.”

GUESS what they say about the next world?

You can’t see it.

I say it’s PRADA-actable. You can actually see the unseen”, I whispered.

“What? With those crazy shades?” They were baffled.


“They are called…

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