Weighing my options

weighing my options

I bend my head down to see my reflection

in the shiny marble I just mopped.

Satiated, I lift the plastic bucket of murky water,

In other hand the mop,

my flip flops almost tip toe on

the wet floor, cautious.


Here comes the mistress’s kid,

naughty kid. “It’s wet”, I warn him.

A paint bucket in his hand, I almost scream.

Steps forward, “I just want to get green color from my room”.

“Perhaps later, when it’s dry sweetie?”I plead.

Throws bucket on the floor, drools.


“Heavens!” I extend at the red splattered on,

the just-now cleaned floor.

I weigh my options instantly.

Anger or patience?

Patience is what I seek but

my hands and face covered in red, anger.


Taking a deep breath,

oxygenating my brain cells,

praying for patience…..

It comes darling, it comes.

Weighing  the harms of anger,

I choose patience as my abode, serene.


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