In the tea gardens

Tea gardens_comp


In the heart of brown and green,

I landed my cruise. It’s not summers yet

but the silver burns. Among the

tea gardens, my noodle hat straightened under my

rosy scarf, rosy shirt, neon-laced shoes. Among,

kids of darker shades, smiles—in the tea gardens.


Blue skies, fluffy clouds, could spare some wool,

green leaves, tea leaves, traversed. I ask,

the ground beneath, the props on me,

will you fancy a photograph? Just you and me?

I smile, a slightly curved smile, like

chopped lamb trotters—in the tea gardens.


A click and they start screaming, how do I look?

each one asks. I am greener than that, you daft!

I won’t take for my rosiness compromised!

A noodle was sticking out, damn you!

All unsatisfied—in the tea gardens.





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