The Socially Awkward (Part 2)

chap 2

Next week Amira Sarwar was to be part of the Brimont’s Think Tank team. Although she wasn’t very confident about her selection after the interview, when it did happen she didn’t find herself to be very surprised after all.

Her first week at the office was quite a busy one, the next would be more as an important contract was on the way from Amr Bank, an International bank with main branches in Pakistan and a few in Qatar. The owner, Mr. Shahbaz Saleem was a wealthy man who outsourced most of his advertising contracts to Brimont. This started only 2 years ago, when he found out through Murad that Safwan Jamshaid, Mr. Jamshaid’s son was his childhood friend. Murad Azam had recently become part of Saleem’s family as his son-in-law. After completing his Masters in Finance from abroad he had returned to Pakistan to join his father in their family business.

Within first week, Amira was a secret talk of the Think Tank department. Comprising of 3 females and 4 males, this department was the most rigorous in work and also most lively.

“She looks too proud. How can a person be so nasty?”

“Ugh did you see what she wore today? She brings the same bag each day.”

Men, too didn’t say quiet in the matter. Although they were not bothered as much as the women, occasionally they would say something about her too.

“Darn..she is too simple in her looks.”

“She’s got a brilliant mind if only she looked better.”

Although Amira was slightly aware that something was going on in the department that was somehow related to her but just like her university days, she was used to of it and knew that the gossips would die down eventually like it did in the last year of her bachelors.

But what had happened in the last year? She hoped wouldn’t repeat again.

Amira Sarwar had become the apple of her teacher’s eyes since the very start of her bachelors. She was one of the brightest students and was a great speaker, occasionally hosting various events at the university. But with intellect, comes challenges and for Amira it was the factor of jealousy from her class fellows. They would talk behind her back, ask her for notes and delay the return, would throw personal comments at her in class, pass sarcastic comments about her clothes and much more. Amira though would get bothered by such bullying, would not let it effect her emotionally and eventually she had found solutions to it all.

When people would ask for notes, she would accompany them to the photocopier, pay from her pocket and leave. When personal comments would be thrown her way, she would calmly respond in a logical way cutting the personal part out of discussion, about sarcastic comments on her clothes, her response would be a higher level of sarcasm that was beyond understanding for most.

Eventually some of the students got tired and looked for something else to entertain or spew their hatred towards. However some became more rigorous than ever. And that was when it happened. That was the hardest month or maybe months of her life and she had not been able to forget about it till now.


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