Part 3/4: Under the Cherry Blossom tree

As time passed, the night felt chillier as if reminding her of a danger that might be lurking close by in near future.

He stood up as if ready to go. She got onto her feet too sensing an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach.

He walked a little towards the nearby Cherry Blossom tree, grabbed a branch, broke it and turned around. She saw in his look something that spoke of pain. Or did she mistake it for something else? Maybe he was not feeling well?

Reaching towards the inner pocket of his pull-over, her pulled out a small grey diary, opened the front page and carefully laid the branch full of flowers on it and then with one sad look he closed the diary and motioned it towards her.

All this time her heart was beating fast and she was extremely uneasy.

With some hesitation, but with no questions, she took it.

“Please don’t open it yet.”

She nodded.

And then he gave out a ticklish laugh that sent ants running down her whole body.

“What a great evening.” he said sniffing in the cold breeze that held all around them.

“Shall we go now?” he inquired in a manner that meant that they should really go.

They walked silently for about 5 whole minutes until they parted their ways.

What he said while leaving was the most unexpected moment in those 18 months of their relationship. Or was it not?

This was their first time meeting each other in physical sense and somehow she felt as if she had already anticipated such an outcome.

She unaware as for how long she had been standing there after he had left.
Nearby a squirrel rustled in the trees and a gust of wind blew intensely, brushing her long hair in her face.

Brimming full of questions and confusions, she sat on a near-by bench that offered some light too.

Hesitantly she opened the diary, took out the branch and examined it, staring at it as if expecting it to answer her questions.

And then she turned the page, there was nothing. Blank. She turned another. Another. Nothing. Putting the branch in her lap, she took hold of all the pages and slowly let them go, carefully examining each page that quickly passed before her eyes.

Suddenly she saw ink. Startled, she furtively looked for it. And there it was a note written in black ink. A note staring at her with questions or was it the answer?


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