Part 2/4: Under the Cherry Blossom tree

It had been a while since their eyes had met. It was her who first broke the connection, looked upfront and took a deep breath. A breath that spoke of contentment, and also she had to admit that travelling in his eyes was not a smooth task, she had to finally catch her breath.

“There was once a 10 year old child who would sneak out of his house everyday in the afternoon when the sun was bright and fierce.” She was now narrating a story to him. “He would go to the playground where he and his friends played football each day in the evenings. This Child would go to the goal post and dig at one of its poles,he would dig as much as he could and then spread the mud over in a sophisticated manner leaving it in a way that felt untouched. He would simultaneously dig at each pole and leave. Each evening he and his friends would play in the ground and no one noticed any thing unusual with the goal post. It was his 10th day of digging when he was sure that his efforts were ready to bear fruit. And it actually happened. That day, as soon as the ball hit the post, there were screams, just this time not screams of happiness but of shock. The goal post fell down on the goal keeper and he was howling in pain. The kids gathered around and pushed the post away from the kid who was now breathing in small shallow breaths. His parents were called immediately and he was taken to the hospital where the doctors treated his back and head. He was to be cured in 1 month and was required bed rest and no work of excretion.”

After a pause, she had asked him a question, “I want you to guess which one was the kid who used to dig.”

“Ah this isn’t easy,” he laughed. “Where did you read this story”.

“Umm… somewhere”. she had said.

“Ah, I think the kid who dug was the goalkeeper as he didn’t want to go to school and needed an excuse to get hurt.”

“Oh how typical! I am disappointed in you.” she made an annoyed face.

“Hang on pretty, I was just being lazy in my head. I will give you the right answer.”

“I am waiting!”. Her face lit up.

“This kid was actually the one behind the kick. There were two reasons for him to dig at the pole each day. Number 1: He hated the goal keeper kid. And number 2: He was sick of being called a loser and was determined to score that day. Hence, killing two birds with one stone. Woah! This kid was clever.” he exclaimed.

“Bingo!,” she clapped happily. “Actually you are the clever one as you guessed it right.” She gave him a pat on his back.

“Oh yeah, that I am.” he said with a proud expression while straightening his posture.

They both laughed.

In her heart, she knew that the story she had read to him was not from somewhere but something that she herself had made up. At this moment she was not testing the person she had feelings for but she wanted to know if they really thought alike. It was quite obvious from their everyday discussions that their strings matched perfectly well but she believed that everything had a limit and that their thought strings must have a breakage somewhere too. When he had answered she had felt herself to be on cloud nine. The reason she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth was because the disclosure of truth had it’s consequences. Consequences that only she was aware of and was trying hard to keep a secret until the time was right.


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