I am scared of the world

The worst place you can put another is in blaming him for an crime he did not commit, abuse him for things he never did, hold him accountable for sins committed by others.

Maybe this situation is relatable to you, maybe not. Apparently, injustice should be decreasing with every passing century, as the world progresses everyday, new laws are put into practice, more people are educated.

I am unfortunately a victim. A victim of crime I never committed. And I am scared because even though I don’t qualify for this label, the world shoved it at me forcefully and I have to run for my life now.

What is my crime?

One word.


I am a Muslim.

May it be social media, mainstream media or people walking down on the roads, I am a target in all of these places.

It reminds me of Prison Break when the faces of fox river escapees were plastered on the television screen for everyone to memorize and be cautious of them.

I am one of those faces too. My face was also plastered on television and social media.

My face.

This face.

Girl in hijab

It’s the face of a girl who wears hijab (Covering for the head) and this is her crime.

For this she can be looked at with suspicion and hatred.

For this, she can be verbally, physically and sexually abused.

For this, she can even be murdered.

It hurts me to know that the very same media that inculcates the negative images of Muslims, does so little to cover such instances of violence.

The media does not clarify to the general public the difference between extremists/terrorists and Muslims. It portrays both of them as one and this is where the problem starts.

I am going to address Americans and Europeans in this post who possess negative feelings for Muslims.

Dear fellow human beings,

I understand that your apprehensions are very strong. You are scared for your life and that of your loved ones. Like any other person you want your country to be free of terrorism. Believe me I want the same too, I want the same for my country. I am from Pakistan and my country is also suffering from terrorism. On December 16, 2014 terrorists entered a school building in Peshawar and ruthlessly murdered the students. 132 school children were killed and several injured. The whole country was violently shaken by this incidence. Every eye had tears of disbelief and sorrow. We as a whole nation have not recovered from this incidence. I saw an exemplary form of unity among my people after this incidence. Unity against terrorism. We want them out of our country at every cost and none of us appreciate them here or are on their side. We Pakistanis condemn such acts not just in our country but every where in the world because this enemy is common for us all. But the saddest part it when you are unable to identify this enemy, when you look for this enemy in a beard, in a hijab, in a colored face, in a peaceful protest. If you go after the wrong people, you’ll never be able to catch the culprit. The world talks about Women’s oppression in Islam, misogynist men, jihad etc. To be honest,our oppression is every human being who calls us terrorists, our oppression is the fear in our hearts for our lives for the crimes we never committed. This is our oppression.

Dear fellow human beings, please let us not nitpick verses from Quran, generalize the act of terrorists as that of all Muslims, rather let us stand together in this struggle. It affects us all. Please don’t just rely on media, do some research, read Quran without any biases and you’ll find that we Muslims are commanded to live in harmony with others. There is a saying of our Prophet (peace be upon him):

“A Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hands the people are safe”. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

We cannot call ourselves Muslims if we verbally or physically hurt others. 

Please let us read and educate ourselves and spread tolerance and love.

May this chaos end.


A Muslim.


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