What I think about FCKH8 potty-mouth video


The recent viral video by clothing brand FCKH8 demonstrates “feminism” through a display of little girls dressed as princesses. These little princesses are neither hopeless nor distressed and are definitely not waiting for their prince charming to rescue them. Plainly there is no need too because its 21st century and everyone has access to wi-fi. I am sure the towers do catch signals too. The latter was a joke.

Anyhow so what are these princesses saying?



Just add these up a few more times and that’s what you’ll hear primarily. You’ll not just hear it, you’ll read about it everywhere. The video is very controversial and the whole argument lies around these swear words. And why should it not? No one likes to hear such swear words being spoken out by girls of such young age.

There are arguments about the parents of these kids being so careless, the girls having no idea what they are saying, child abuse, manipulation at the hands of adults, etc etc.



Screenshot 2014-10-25 14.55.38


Some people have shown their appreciation by looking at the real message the brand claims to promote i.e. Depriving women of equal rights is more offensive than the swear words coming out of little girl’s mouths.


Screenshot 2014-10-25 14.52.26



I, being an advertising student would definitely say that the video has used amazing creative tactics and has successfully reached its agenda of brand recognition. The brand has striked rational as well as emotional appeal. As for the creative strategy, I would say that the message has been received loud and clear but the “action” part is yet to debate about. Will the ad help drive action? We don’t know yet because the cause of feminism has badly deteriorated for quite sometime. Emma Watson’s UN speech might have helped pick up few drowning strings but the idea as a whole has been a set back.

With the divided opinion on the video, it is evident that the acceptability factor on the issue is not clear.

Nevertheless, even if you have disliked the video and you didn’t know about the brand, I am sure you will always remember what “FCKH8” is.

You can watch the video here (Youtube):





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