Long Trouble or Long March

Source: Dunya News
Source: Dunya News

By Saira Tabassum

I fail to understand the concept of “Inqilabi Long Marches” which certain party leaders carry out along with their followers to demand justice which was not or cannot be obtained through negotiations or any other means.

The ruling party of a country stands out as the party selected by majority of the population but when the opposition party along with parties with a similar agenda come out optimistic for a revolution doesn’t quite make sense. Why? Because majority of the people are probably fine with the government that is why they chose them as their leaders in the first place. Opposition parties carrying out a long march intending devolution of power is nothing more than a forceful intervention into a democratic system. It is not just that but also a forceful desire of power and leadership for people who don’t want them be their leaders. Rigging in elections is only an excuse of the lost party to justify the reason of their loss.

These long marches are uncalled problems for the targeted city population and an inconvenience to the residents who have to experience an unwilling freeze to their daily life activities. Road blockages impede the economic aspect of the county thereby causing huge economic losses. These marches also cause problems for emergency patients in hospitals as well as those headed to hospitals. The container blockages cause inconvenience to people to meet their needs and make it extremely difficult for them to move. These marches are not just a troublesome picture for the people of the country itself but also portray a very negative image of the country to the world, showing it as a highly unstable place filled with corrupt undemocratic leaders and chaos creating reformists.

In a country that is in fact unstable and faces terrorism threats, people who join such marches don’t count as brave rather foolish to call to their own death and death of those around them.

Protest of any kind is never fruitful. I remember getting stuck in a traffic jam near Rawat which was caused due to a protest against the police for murdering a man. I was stuck in that traffic for 3 hours and to the horror above all an ambulance was also stuck in the midst of that awful sight. I kept wondering who was going to be responsible for the life of this helpless patient? The people out there are protesting for an alleged unjust death, how will they ever justify the death, if of this person in the ambulance? How can these long marches be our freedom when they cause so much trouble for the same people they are meant for?

Why isn’t there any other peaceful way to carry out the demands of the populace?

To me long marches are a forceful way of getting things done your way while you look so meager and helpless in the process, totally uncertain of the outcome itself.


One thought on “Long Trouble or Long March

  1. Rigging in elections is far more than an excuse..if u have any doubts about rigging, do ur research and get to know the facts..and those who cant sacrifice for any good cause, long march is along trouble for them..i think protesting agianst rigging is far better than just sitting back on ur sofa, having burger and writing such kinda articles!

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