Motorways blocked, Section 144 goes into action

After the Civil Administration meeting on Saturday , 10-15 workers of the Tanzeem Minhaj-Ul-Quran from every city have been arrested. Government has ordered to block motorways, Interior ministery has imposed section 144 in Rawalpindi, Islamabad.

Tanzeem supporters along with travelers have been stranded on motorways as the government sanctions impediments for the supporters to join in the protest expected in Islamabad.

The supporters, both men and women were seen protesting with canes in hands and demanding to refrain the other travelers from moving if they themselves were being stopped.

All paths to Islamabad airport have also been blocked however, a shuttle service is available in Rawat for people intending to travel.

Owing to the recent chaos in Lahore where barricades in front of the Minhaj secretariat were forcefully removed, the Tanzeem followers intended to gather in Islamabad tomorrow for protests where Qadri himself was expected to join them.




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