Man behind Uncle Sargam meets students of NUST

Farooq Qaiser
Farooq Qaiser

By: Saira Tabassum

Islamabad: National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) invited Mr. Farooq Qaisar, the man behind the famous character of Uncle Sargam, here at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) on Monday. The event was hosted by NUST Literary Circle (NLC) and was open for students from the H-12 campus.

Mr Qaiser who is also an artist, columnist and script writer appeared on PTV in 1976 in a children’s show named Kaliyan as puppet Uncle Sargam. He spent 40 years in this profession and earned Lifetime Achievement Award along with many other awards.

A graduate student of NCA, a Masters in Graphic Arts from Romania, Mr. Qaiser also pursued degree in Mass Communication from University of Southern California.

In his talk with students of NUST, Mr.Qaiser narrated his childhood experiences germane to nature and tribal areas. “I spent my childhood with nature” he said. He grew up to become a source of educating people both in rural and urban areas. Hence in 1976 he started his profession as an edutainment puppeteer on PTV.

During the talk, he also showed some clips from his programs Kaliyan and Siyasi kalian that were aired on PTV, GEO and DAWN.

In response to a question in Q&A session, Mr. Qaiser said that Kaliyan will be re-launched on PTV in April 2014 effectively. Also when asked about the reason of success behind the program Kaliyan, he said that designing a puppet is not a big deal, the script behind it is. Sharing his views on the concept behind Uncle Sargam he told the audience that it was a depiction of one of his professors from Romania.

Mr. Qaiser has also been working from different platforms for the betterment of Education in Pakistan. Despite working in Siyasi Kaliyan, he is not much interested in political programs as according to him such programs only engender catharsis and are not effective in yielding any instrumental results.

In the end, the accompanying special guest Mr. Safdar Ali, academics NUST thanked the guest and NLC for organizing the talk. “The best thing about kaliyan is that the satire is depicted in such a way that no Parental Guidance is required. A grandfather and a grandson can watch this program together.”

“We have grown old with Kaliyan but the characters in Kaliyan are still young,” he said.


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