How Sherlock Holmes Faked His Death


Note: This is an original personal opinion & analysis and is not copied from anyone else’s. If it coincides with any of the pre-existing analysis, then the writer is not responsible. Some opinions given at the BBC preview are “quoted” in the article to support the stance.


Clue 1:


Moriarty is out of prison and heads to Sherlock. During the conversation, Moriarty mentions the Final Problem as “It’s going to start very soon Sherlock…the fall” While whistling, Moriarty demonstrates a fall with the motion of his head. “But don’t be scared, falling is just like flying except there is a more permanent destination.” Sherlock clearly understands what he means but still says “never liked riddles” He wants to probably trick Moriarty because obviously all Sherlock has ever liked and solved in his life are riddles.

“I owe you a fall” says Moriarty.

Clue 2:


When Sherlock and John come out of Kitty Riley’s house, Sherlock paces to and fro realizing that his whole life is exposed and that Moriarty needs one thing to complete his game and that is: “Sherlock’s death”

Sherlock realizes it and says that he needs to do something (which is planning out how to fake his death) and doesn’t inform John neither welcomes his offer to help.

The very first thing Sherlock does after that is he goes to Molly and expresses his fear “Molly I think I am going to die.” Then he tries to reassure her confidence in him because he knows that Moriarty is out there planting doubts about him in people’s minds. Molly asks him what he needs and Sherlock says “You.”


Clue 3:

Sherlock figures out the binary code Moriarty left at his apartment but doesn’t inform John rather texts Moriarty to meet him at the Barts Hospital Rooftop (Choosing a roof top clearly shows that Sherlock knew what “The fall” meant) And he chooses this particular hospital because Molly works here in the morgue.

There is a call from paramedics that Mrs Hudson is shot, John asks Sherlock to go with him but he doesn’t go because he needs to meet Moriarty about which John is oblivious.

It is possible that it was Molly who called John and told him about Mrs Husdson getting shot. That was one distraction Sherlock wanted so that he could deal with Moriarty alone.

Clue 4:

When he meets Moriarty at the Rooftop, while Moriarty is speaking, Sherlock examines his surroundings keenly especially the building opposite. He keeps looking at it. This might have some significance.

Clue 5:

John comes to the Bart’s Hospital Building which meant he knew where Sherlock was. Although we saw no communication taking place between them by the time John left Mrs Hudson house. How did John know where Sherlock was? I think it was Molly again.


Clue 6:


The red truck that has stuffed bags in it is seen moving away as soon as Sherlock falls. Sherlock wanted a barrier between him and John. So maybe when Sherlock fell, he fell inside the truck on the stuffed bags and the truck released a dummy. And that also explains why John was asked to stay at one particular spot. The bicyclist also has a role because he intentionally pushes John so that there may be an ample time for the exchange of bodies. Because obviously it took some time for John to get up and move. And another reason for the push can be the shock and push combined can make John confused and so he won’t be able to recognize the dummy Sherlock. He thought it was real.

According to the opinions on BBC preview of the Mystery of Sherlock’s death, it is possible that Sherlock after cushioning himself on the rubbish bags, played dead. He might have used some drug to appear death.

I believe that this opinion is more plausible because the dummy is wearing the same clothes as real Sherlock is. So this probably is real Sherlock who is faking his death.


Additional thought provoking bits:

  • In this entire scenario, we see no sign of Molly. She isn’t even there at the grave, she is seen nowhere. We don’t even see Sherlock’s body in the morgue.
  • We get no information on Moriarty’s death as well, nowhere in the newspapers.


On an additional note, I came across a post that makes a lot of sense, I specially like the point about Moriarty. It is possible that Moriarty has also faked his death. Since both Sherlock and Moriarty are “You are me and I am you” 😛


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