Scottish Nationalist Party seeks independence from UK

The elected party in Scotland, the Scottish National Party is seeking independence from UK. On 18th September 2014, Scottish voters will cast their votes in favor of or against the independence.

The voter’s age has been brought down to 16 and 17 years-old in order to enhance chances of voting.

White paper of independence was released on Tuesday comprising of Scotland’s case of detaching itself from rest of the UK. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, presented this document which he called as “Mission statement” for the future of Scotland.

Key issues like currency, welfare and pensions have come out as topics of debate. Although the SNP wants pound to stay as the currency of Scotland, there has been a disagreement.

Scotland has been part of the UK for more than 300 years and the elections scheduled for next year can bring a lot of changes in Britain.

Source: Daily Record, BBC, theguardian


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