I have done a similar post related to the topic at hand today. Previously I wrote about the “Lonliness Syndrome”—the fear of being alone due to societal pressures. In this post I am going to mention the extent to which people can go once they have this fear.

“Man I cannot go to that party/trip because none of my friends are going there.”

You might have heard such a jive quite frequently. This happens when you have this one friend whom you want to invite over for a party or a trip and there are those other friends of yours whom this friend is not friends with. So for him/her it’s going to be like “thrown into a tizzy”.

“But man you have got me. Haven’t you?”

It’s so obvious that the excuse is utterly absurd. The friend has got you as their friend, what difference it makes if he doesn’t know others.

“But..but…you see I don’t know ‘em”

You sigh…ugh!

So there are these lame people and I would say specifically females who throw out these kinds of goofy escapist tantrums. They won’t be ready to shake on at any cost. But yeah, if this “specific” bff will be on the list, its gonna be all dandy.

Why? Why do you think people behave in such a weird way?

Fear of being alone, being judged, being thought of as “forever alone” or maybe because they think they aren’t gonna enjoy.

I think it’s time we all have grown up enough to consider these things as insignificant. If you think you won’t know anyone at the party, just get to know them, make new friends. Remember that you always learn from new people.

Not satisfied yet? Ok answer this question.

How did you make your previous and current friends? Did they just appear at your doorstep magically and somehow you guys had that chemical equation matched up perfectly and viola you became buddies? Come on! Now there is a process of friendship. Either it’s through someone, co-incidential or self-initiative.  If you think your current friends suffice you, then that’s perfectly fine. Don’t make new friends but atleast don’t miss out on a chance to know others. Don’t turn down your friend’s sincere offer based on something too lame and absurd.

We really need to kill that child in us sometimes.


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