The five rupee dilemma

Credits: Saira Tabassum

Thrusting a dou-number (copied/low valued) candy in customers hand in response to a five rupee coin has become a norm today among shopkeepers.

“Baji we have shortage of five rupee coin” you would hear most of them say.

Then there are some who wouldn’t even bother returning your one, two or five rupee change. This trend is giving rise to a sense of indifference towards one’s own money. The shopkeepers are making us realize that it doesn’t make much of a difference if we let go of a minuscule sum. While at the same time through such a practice they are playing “qatra qatra mil k darya banta hai” (Little drops make rivers).

Apart from that if anyone commits the “offense” of asking their money, they are seen with such a scorn that would bury them in huge embarrassment.

What we need to realize is that one should not feel diffident to demand their money back. It’s their right and there is nothing inglorious in asking for your right.

Consider another fun-game that shopkeepers like to play with our minds. Their favorite figure ‘9’ that helps them dupe each one of us. I am sure you all are familiar with numbers such as 199/- 17,99/- 599 starting from clothing to food outlets to technology and cosmetics.

We are being robbed and we need to realize this. I am not shoving all the blame of coin shortage on shopkeepers. Yes there are other reasons like smuggling involved, but the point here is concerned to dealing with the situation at hand.

You are already paying them extra for their shop’s rents, don’t let them rob you anymore. Value what you have and instead take out some charity for the real deserving.


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