Zardari blames conspiracies for PPP’s defeat in elections

In a meeting with senior party leaders at the Bilawal House, Lahore, President Asif Ali Zardari blamed the national and  international conspiracies for defeat of PPP in the 2013 elections. According to the President various factor like rigging in elections, Taliban threats, energy crisis and detachment of top leaders from campaign led to an ineffective campaign and consequently defeat of the party. “The party couldn’t fight on multiple fronts simultaneously,” he said

The president believed that he could not vigorously take part in the campaigning due to various restrictions on the office of President. He said that there was no point in resigning now and that he would complete his tenure. The President’s term will end by the month of September.

He also said that he’ll take the party out of crisis by the end of the year and that his children will also take full part to pull together the party.

Source: Dawn. The Nation, The Times of India, The News


One thought on “Zardari blames conspiracies for PPP’s defeat in elections

  1. A government’s over all performance cannot be judged by its shortcomings in wiping out the backlog of insurmountable socio-economic problems that it had inherited from a dictator. It did not have a magic wand to over come acute power shortages. It has addressed the issue and in next two years the country will have enough power. Benefit of its efforts and sufferings would be reaped by the next government as was the case when Benazir Bhutto was dismissed in late 1996. She had invested billions in power sector that made President Musharraf confess in a TV interview that when he took over in 1999 he had surplus power and he was looking for foreign markets to export it. Same was the case on the food front in 2008. Country was starving of essentials. Today Pakistan is exporting wheat, cotton, rice and is self sufficient in sugar—thanks to a booming revolution in agriculture due to government’s procurement policies.
    1980 to 1985 finance minister

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